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Live Help & Technical Support
Monday - Friday 6:30am to 5:00pm PST
Saturday - Sunday 7am to 4pm PST (Internet sales and orders only)

  • (858) 909-2110 - Internet Sales, Orders, Technical & Product Information
  • (858) 909-2188 - Custom Shop Support Line
  • (858) 909-2151 - Para asistencía en Español

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Scrolling Brushes

NEW! Bobbo-Mack "Super Quad" 4 Action Brush

Super Quad
(Actual Overall Length 4-1/2" - Image is slightly larger)

Bobbo and Mack Brush Co. have combined forces to bring to the pinstriper-artist a versatile scrolling brush. Because of its shorter bristles and fine blue squirrel & black synthetic hair, this brush makes scrolling easier and faster. It also pinstripes short lines, 2-4 feet in length, without having to change brushes. Plus it will let you letter your signature and other script lettering very small. This brush has adequate snap and flexibility other brushes don't have. This allows the pinstriper/scroller to use one brush for four purposes without having to change brushes or color. The drawing to the right shows the correct position to hold the brush, 65-85 degrees and only using ¼ inch to only ½ inch of the tip. Any deeper into the hairs will widen the lines and disfigure your artwork. Heavy pressure and lifting the brush as you drag your line will give a long teardrop effect.

We Stock this brush in two sizes: Size 0 | Size 1

Wizard's Vortex and Typhoon Brushes

Designed by Steve "Wizard" Chaszeyka, these brushes are so responsive to your movements, you'd think they were reading your mind. Get the details here.

Alan Johnson Signature Brush

This is the very special brush that veteran pinstriper Alan Johnson uses to sign his panels. Made with a special taklon with extra long length. Also great for fine detail work!

4/0 New Smaller Size Part No. MAC AJ-4/0 Price / Buy
2/0 The Original Signature Brush Part No. MAC AJ-2/0 Price / Buy
1 New Larger Size Part No. MAC AJ-1 Price / Buy

NEW! AJ "Extreme Liner"

"The Extreme Liner" is made with blue squirrel hair which holds a good load of paint to carry a very fine line a long way. Alan Johnson designed this brush especially for outlining gold lettering where crisp fine lines are essential. It works especially well for tight intricate work.

SIZE Length Out  
0 1" Part No. MAC AJO-0 Price / Buy
1 1-1/4" Part No. MAC AJO-1 Price / Buy
2 1-3/8" Part No. MAC AJO-2 Price / Buy

NEW! AJ "Mini Detailer"

"The Mini Detailer" is made of dark brown synthetic hair with a nice chiseled edge. Alan Johnson designed this brush for painting small lettering, elaborate emblems, ornaments, cartoons, etc.

SIZE Length Out  
1 14/16" Part No. MAC AJ1-1 Price / Buy
2 1" Part No. MAC AJ1-2 Price / Buy

Jenson Swirly Q BrushGary Jenson's Swirly-Q Brush

Jenson Swirly Q Brush

The Jenson Swirly Q brush is designed for scroll striping and script lettering with enamel based paints. Scroll striping requires thinner paint. If mineral spirits were to be used, the paint would run easier. We recommend using a slow drying automotive reducer for thinning enamel based paints. These can be purchased at your local autobody supply. Clean the brush thoroughly with reducer before and after each use. Never use lacquer thinner! Always store your brush in mineral oil between uses.

Both sizes have the same diameter, the difference is the hair length out.

1-7/16" Part No. MAC JS-1 Price / Buy
1-11/16" Part No. MAC JS-2 Price / Buy

"The Virus" Brush

Mack's The Virus brushSeries 444

One of the sign industries most exciting and innovative new brushes affectionately called

"The Virus"

The series #444 brush is a specially blended golden taklon. This recommended design by the industry leaders is perfect for scroll and script work.

NEW! The Virus Brush is now available in size #0 and size #6. We also now offer a 5-brush set.

0 7/8" Part No. MAC 444-0 Price / Buy
1 1" Part No. MAC 444-1 Price / Buy
2 1 - 3/16" Part No. MAC 444-2 Price / Buy
4 1 - 5/16" Part No. MAC 444-4 Price / Buy
6 1 - 3/8" Part No. MAC 444-6 Price / Buy
Set of 0,1,2,4,6   Part No. MAC 444-SET5 Price / Buy

Introducing Series #444: Virus II

The Virus II is made of a soft golden synthetic hair. Designed by "Dave the Letterman" to appease the small crowd of painters who thought the originall virus was a touch too stiff. Mack Brush Company decided to make a brush with the same specifications as the original but with a golden synthetic hair that is a little softer. The brush will still be used for the same applications of scroll and script work.

0 Part No. MAC 444II-0 Price / Buy
1 Part No. MAC 444II-1 Price / Buy
2 Part No. MAC 444II-2 Price / Buy
4 Part No. MAC 444II-4 Price / Buy

Myers-Mack Phat Handled Brush

The handle of the brush was the starting point of this brush design. The handle is a little larger in circumference than a pencil with a dramatic taper into ferrule of the brush. Ron Myers helped design this brush because he liked the feel of this larger handle. He calls the three brushes that make up this set "The Car Show Set". Ron goes to several car shows a year and likes the fact that he only has to rely on these three brushes and a #10 striper. The ¼" stroke and liner are straight forward brushes used in traditional fashion. The ¼" shader was designed for wet on wet paint blending. These extremely durable brushes are made of taklon and are all sold individually.
1/4" Phat Handled Stroke Part No. MAC PHAT-STROKE Price / Buy
1/4" Phat Handled Shader Part No. MAC PHAT-SHADER Price / Buy
Phat Handled Liner Part No. MAC PHAT-LINER Price / Buy

20 Series - Squirrel Hair SWORD Stripers

20 Series - set of six sword striping brushes


Click Part Number to Buy Brushes
  • America's NO. 1 Selling Striper
  • The sword style is best for all around work
  • Lacquer & Enamel Resistant
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 7 sizes: # 00 through # 5
  • Great touch-up brush
SIZE Part #  Head Width (Inches/mm)
00 MAC 20-00E - 7/32" / 5.55 - $8.74
0 MAC 20-0E - 1/4" / 6.35 - $9.24
1 MAC 20-1E - 5/16" / 7.93 - $10.12
2 MAC 20-2E - 13/32" / 10.31 - $11.00
3 MAC 20-3E - 1/2" / 12.70 - $11.88
4 MAC 20-4E - 9/16" / 14.28 - $12.76
5 MAC 20-5E - 5/8" / 15.8" - $23.32
  MAC 20-SET3 - Set of 3: 00, 0, 1 - $20.98
  MAC 20-SET4 - Set of 4: 00, 0, 1, 2 - $29.98
  MAC 20-SET5 - Set of 5: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 - $39.98
  MAC 20 - Set of 6: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 - $56.46

The STRIPER® Pinstripe Stencil Tape

The STRIPER pinstripe stencil tapePAINT Pinstriping with the STRIPER® enables you to match and repair just about any pinstripe job or to complete paint pinstriping jobs economically with superior results!

The STRIPER® tape works as a stencil: you simply apply the stencil...paint over it...and peel it off.

It leaves the cleanest, sharpest line. Nothing even comes close. No fuzzy edges and no edge build-up because the stencil material is so thin. It is also versatile; you can make bends, points, corners and do two-tone pinstriping with it.

Click for More Info

New! Custom Shop E-Z Flow Striping
and Lettering Enamel

Custom Shop Striping and Lettering Paint Available in 36 Gloss Colors
and 9 Flat Colors

Click for More Info

New! Custom Shop Striping Brushes

Custom Shop Striping Brushes Made with Pride in the USA
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NEW! One-Shot Paint Kits:
Get our most popular color combinations with one click & one low price!

Click here to view the full collection of One-Shot Paint Kits!

Five Color Starter Kit

One Shot Starter5 Kit
Five Color Starter Kit -
Your Price $49.96
One Shot Starter5 Kit Chips

Basic 18 Color Kit

One Shot Basic 18 Kit
18 Color Basic Kit -
Your Price $189.96
One Shot Basic 18 Kit Chips


Craig Fraser guides you through all aspects of the incredibly rich history of pinstriping and demonstrates step-by-step the tools, techniques and tricks to give you the best skills in the business. You'll learn pinstriping designs & applications, types of pinsriping brushes, how to select the correct brush for each job, essential materials & tools, choosing the right paint, how to pull the perfect line, how to palette the brush, practice exercises, how to make perfect pinstripes, masking systems, slash pinsriping, using dry pearls to enhance pinstriping effects, chalk layouts for pinstripe designs, pinstriping a full automotive surface, cleanup & maintenance of brushes.

Custom Pinstriping Techniques DVD - ABA D9CF04 Price / Buy

Pinstripe Masters Book: Laying Down the Line

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Pinstriping Masters-Techniques, Tricks, & Special F/X for Laying Down the Line features how-to's and photo galleries from 28 of the top pinstripers in the world. Pinstriping Masters, 160-pages and full-color, is the best book ever published on the subject. Among the artists featured are: Bob Bond, Wizard, Craig Fraser, Makoto, E-Dog, Mr. J., Von Franco, and Mike Lavalee.

Pinstriping Masters Book - ABA PB1336 Price / Buy

2005 Mack Brush Catalog

Mac Brush CatalogShop the entire line of Mack Brushes with this 32 page catalog. Printed in black and white, it is three-hole punched for easy storage and reference.

2005 Mack Brush Catalog - MAC CAT#05 Price / Buy

The Pinstriping Brush that is manufactured today is essentially the same brush that Andrew Mack first made in 1891, (although many of the leading stripers in the world would give anything to get hold of one of those "Old Mack brushes"). The pinstriping brush is totally a hand-crafted operation, just as it was in 1891. There is not one piece of machinery used in its manufacture. It is completely manufactured in Jonesville, Michigan, by eight to ten very talented technicians.

The Andrew Mack Brush Company is rich in history and pride. We are the originators of the Pinstriping Brush, and we feel that we still give you the very best brush in the world.