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Live Help & Technical Support
Monday - Friday 6:30am to 5:00pm PST
Saturday - Sunday 7am to 4pm PST (Internet sales and orders only)

  • (858) 909-2110 - Internet Sales, Orders, Technical & Product Information
  • (858) 909-2188 - Custom Shop Support Line
  • (858) 909-2151 - Para asistencía en Español

Custom Shop Presents Live Fire Stencils
with ALL FIRED UP, Learn Live Fire Techniques (2-Disk DVD)

The Ultimate Flame Painting Kit!

These Live Fire Stencils have been designed to be a very user friendly system to produce hot Live Fire effects. There is no cutting and sanding required; Live Fire Stencils are ready to rock out of the package. Live Fire Stencils are the perfect balance of Real Flame Kicks, Whips and Curves. The Live Fire Stencil Kit includes 3 easy to use stencils layouts that are produced in 3 sizes of each stencil so that you can use the appropriate scale of Live Fire to match the size of your project, from a large truck to a tank or helmet. These hot stencils are laser cut, solvent proof and reusable.

Flame Kick StencilsStencil #1 Flame Kicks - Has 6 great Flame Kick shapes with 6 opposing convex and concave curves to compliment Flame Kick shapes.
Sizes: 10" x 15", 9" x 13" and 7" x 10"

Flame Whip StencilsStencil #2 Flame Whips – Has Deep Concave curves and contrasting Sharp Convex curve action with both positive and negative shapes and are great for the Flame Whip shapes.
Sizes: 8" x 11", 7" x 9" and 5" x 7"

Ember Flash StencilsStencil #3 Ember Flashes – Has Elongated curve action with both Flame Kicks and Flame Whips. It also includes compound/convex and compound curves for a quick burning effect. Stencil 3 also has a series of 8 Ember Flashes ranging from a single Flash to Double and Triple flash points.  These are a tremendous time saver to get that final detail that can make or break your Live Fire.
Sizes: 8" x 12", 6" x 10" and 5" x 8"

Burning Skull StencilBonus Stencil #4 Burning Skull – Designed by Anh Pham to be integrated into fire designs, the Burning Skull Stencil also comes in 3 proportional sizes to fit into any  size project.  This stencil will assist you in adding a skull into your fire if you are a beginner, and help you to develop your own skills to the point you can make your own  burning skull adaptations.
Sizes: 6" x 8", 4½" x 6½" and 3½" x 5½"

The Standard Live Fire 12 Stencil Series Kit Includes:

Stencil #1 Flame Kicks  - 3 sizes from Large to Small scale.
Stencil #2 Convex Flame Whips  - 3 sizes from Large to Small scale.
Stencil #3 Flame Kicks, Whips and Ember Flashes  - 3 sizes from Large to Small scale.
Stencil #4 Burning Skull  - 3 sizes from Large to Small scale.

The Live Fire 12 Stencil Set includes the standard 12 Stencils.
Reg. $69.95 NOW ONLY $69.95 Price / Buy

The Live Fire Full Set includes all 12 standard stencils and the ALL FIRED UP DVD.
Reg. $99.95 NOW ONLY $99.95 Price / Buy

The Live Fire Master Set includes all 12 standard stencils, plus 4 mini stencils and the ALL FIRED UP DVD.
Reg. $109.95 NOW ONLY $109.95 Price / Buy

Mini Live Fire 4 Stencil Set:

Model Truck Painted with Mini Live Fire StencilsThe Mini Live Fire set is a much smaller scale set of all 3 Live Fire patterns plus a proportionally smaller Burning Skull.  This set is great for small projects like RC Cars and Planes, Bicycles frames, helmets and anything of a small scale that you want to set on Fire.

Model Truck at left painted using Live Fire Mini Stencils

Sizes: Kicks, 4½" x 7½"; Whips, 3" x 4½"; Ember, 3" x 5"; Skull, 2½" x 4"

The Live Fire Mini Stencil Set includes the 4 Mini Stencils.
Reg. $24.99 NOW ONLY $24.99 Price / Buy

Smokin' Gun Volume 5

All Fired Up
Learn Live Fire Techniques

This DVD is the fifth installment in the Smokin Gun Series from Full Blown Customs! Featuring custom painter Ed Hubbs using Custom Shop paint products. This 2 disc DVD set has a running time of 207 minutes and is jam packed with information and skills to make the process easy for all levels. You won't learn just one style here, these DVD's are full of different techniques to ensure you can find and perfect the style you like. All of this and more using Custom Shop sit back relax, and learn.

A True Instructional DVD
( 2-Disk DVD, Run Time 207 Minutes )
Smokin' Gun - volume 5 - All Fired Up
Features Full Demonstrations on the following Topics:
The Most Packed
2 Disk DVD
on the Market!
  • Rock Star Guitar
  • Smoke Flames on Orange
  • Dancing Flames
  • Metallic Candy Flames
  • Simple 2 Step Flames
  • Colored Flames on White
  • Fat Boy Flames on Black
  • Stylized Flames on White

Approximate DVD Running Time: 207 Minutes- BUY IT NOW FOR ONLY $34.95   Price/Buy

All of the Custom Shop Products demonstrated in this DVD are available
right here at

How-To Books, DVDs and Videos Custom Shop Flakes and Pearls

The Best Set You'll Ever See to Guide You in Achieving the most Life Like, and Realistic Flames! Create your own True Fire Flames with Ease by Using Mike Lavallee's Advice in His DVD and Template Kit! Mike Will Show You the Quick & Easy Way to Create Professional Work!

We Offer the True Fire Template with DVD Set by Itself or with a Complete House Of Kolor Ready to Spray Paint Set in 2 or 4 Ounce Airbrush Size. It's all You'll Need to Create a Great True Fire Effect!

NOTE: Template Instructional DVD Available Separately.

The True Fire Stencil Contains:
Diablo Shape | Wild Fire Shape | Inferno Shape | BONUS

IWA FH-TF1 Only $164.55 Add to Cart

Mini Stencils are now available, see below

HOK Realistic True Fire Kit
For More Fire Paint Kits Click Here

4 Ounce Kit Includes:

HOK BC25-4Z - Black
HOK BC26-4Z - White
HOK SG102-4Z - Chrome Yellow
HOK SG103-4Z - Molly Orange
HOK KK08/SG100-4Z - Tangerine
HOK KK11/SG100-4Z - Apple Red
HOK KK12/SG100-4Z - Pagan Gold
HOK PBC65-4Z - Passion Pearl
HOK SG100-4Z - Intercoat Clear
HOK RU310-4Z - Fast Dry Reducer
IWA FH-TF1 - True Fire Set With DVD

HOK KIT-TF-4Z-ST  Only 228.18Add to Cart

4 Ounce Paint Only Kit
HOK KIT-TRUE FIRE-4Z UnknownAdd to Cart

True Fire Mini Series Stencils with DVD

After airbrushing with the Artool Freehand Templates™ (FH 1, 2, 6, 7 and the RV Master Series) to render fire on hotrods and motorcycles, Mike Lavallee decided to work with Artool™ to create a unique set of templates for realistic flames: TRUE FIRE™. He designed these templates to help create his TRUE FIRE™ effect. With an art knife, simply cut the tiny connecting tabs on each TRUE FIRE™ template to reveal 12 positive/negative shapes and you are ready to go to work.

true fire mini stencilsDiablo 5"x7"

This template is perfect for doing tight fire licks, and for flames that look like they are moving blazing fast.

Wild Fire 5"x7"

This template works well for creating softer arcs, and more streamlined edges for the longer, slower burning fire. Lavallee has also included some smaller flame-lick shapes, as well as some burning ember configurations.

Inferno 5"x7"

This template includes similar shapes from Diablo and Wild Fire, but includes some added extras which allows you to create even more burning ember effects!

BONUS!!! Also included is the instructional Artool TRUE FIRE™ Mini Series Template DVD by Mike Lavallee. On this DVD, Mike shares the tips and tricks on how to create your own realistic fiery effects.

Mike Lavallee is setting the custom paint world on fire with his TRUE FIRE™ effect. Mike has created and perfected the technique for rendering dramatic realistic interpretations of actual fire burning down the surface of motorcycles, automobiles, boats and aircraft. His combination of layering candy colors, and his use of the Artool TRUE FIRE Freehand Airbrush Templates™ are HOT! HOT!! HOT!!!

true fire mini set with DVDThe True Fire Mini Series Stencil Set with DVD includes Mini Stencil Set
and Instructional DVD
NOW ONLY $48.28 Add to Cart

Secrets of Airbrushing True Fire

Secrets of Airbrushing True Fire

This DVD expands on the template DVD and provides full instructions on how to spray realistic flames. Custom Painter Mike Lavallee finally reveals to you his closely guarded secrets of creating his original True-Fire effects. In this DVD, you will learn:

  • How to design and create this unique technique that gives the illusion of real fire!
  • Mike's secret color recipe he uses to create his photo realistic effect.
  • Tools and supplies required
  • Special tips and tricks that Mike has perfected through 25 years of mastering his craft.

So put on your fire resistant suit and grab your airbrush because it's time to play with fire. Things are going to get hot!

More Info on True Fire DVDPrice/Buy True Fire DVD

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