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Live Help & Technical Support
Monday - Friday 6:30am to 5:00pm PST
Saturday - Sunday 7am to 4pm PST (Internet sales and orders only)

  • (858) 909-2110 - Internet Sales, Orders, Technical & Product Information
  • (858) 909-2188 - Custom Shop Support Line
  • (858) 909-2151 - Para asistencía en Español

Kameleon OpalsKAMELEON® OPALS (KOP Series)

Kameleon® Opals represent some of the latest advancements in pearlescent technology allowing radical color shift from different viewing angles. These products are available as easy-to-disperse powders that can be added to clears, pearl basecoats, and Marblizer™ to create dazzling effects and exciting new colors. Kameleon® Opals are sure to add exciting new effects to your Custom coatings palette.

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Tech Info Kameleon Kolors Kameleon 4oz or 8oz


color shift flake seriesKameleon Kolor is a revolutionary base coat that actually changes color depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Kameleon Kolor undergoes broad color changes, for example, from a medium green to a deep purple or from a bright gold to a luminous silver. The Kameleon Kolor base coat can appear to be different colors to people viewing the exact same area of the car from different angles. Rounded, curved surfaces and sharp angles will highlight the uniqueness of Kameleon Kolor. Kameleon Kolor base coats are easy to apply as our SHIMRIN® Designer Pearl base coat. Kameleon Kolor base coats must be top coated with either urethane enamel or acrylic lacquer.


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Kameleon Pearls Color Chips Custom Shop Pearls


Kameleon® Pearls are unique color-changing pigments available in 5 dazzling colors and two particle sizes, Standard (90 microns) and Fine (40 microns). They are supplied in a dry form that may be added to SG100 intercoat clear, SG150 Intercoat Karrier, acrylic lacquer clear (SC01), urethane clears, or MB00 for dramatic, eye catching art work. The color changing effects of Kameleon® Pearls are just as dramatic as the Kameleon® Basecoats.

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Tech Info House of Kolor SG-100 Klear


We have now made it possible for the airbrush artist to utilize Kameleon Pearl Flake (KPF) without purchasing a costly 2-ounce jar of Kameleon Pearl in powder form - much more than needed for a smaller airbrush project. We have pre-blended as per House of Kolor's recommended ratio of 2 ounces of (KPF) to 2 quarts of SG100 and then reduced the blend 2 : 1 with RU reducer to make a Ready to Spray airbrush blend to achieve that great color shifting Kameleon Pearl Effect. KPF / SG100 is packaged in our 2 and 4 ounce (PETE) bottles that are perfect for airbrush artists.

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Tech Info House of Kolor Flakes


House of Kolor flakes are the best money can buy. They are ultra-thin, easier to smooth out and have tremendous sparkle! Add them to any of our clears or Kandys for some additional flash.

NEW! SG150 Intercoat Pearl & Flake Karrier

SG150 Intercoat Pearl and Flake KarrierSG150 Intercoat Pearl & Flake Karrier is an innovative mid-coat material designed specifically for use with Pearls, Flakes, and other dry products offered in the House Of Kolor product line. SG150 features advanced chemistry that encapsulates pearl and flake particles, causing them to self-orient and "lock" in place. This action will vastly improve spray characteristics and finish quality. SG150 dries to a very clear, high quality finish, but is only intended for use as an intercoat.

Available in one quart cans.

Features and Benefits
  • Greatly reduces or eliminates settling of pearls and flakes in the spray gun
  • Locks dry particles into place so they won't move when top-coated
  • Dries crystal clear and allows the brilliance of the pearls and flakes to shine through
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Tech Info Intercoat Klear Price/Buy Intercoat Klear


SG-100 Intercoat Clear is designed as a protective clear for artwork tape outs on SHIMRIN® Base Coats. USE ONLY WHEN TOP COATING WITH URETHANE ENAMEL. SG-100 Intercoat Clear prevents the tape from marking or pulling the metallic and splitting when top coated, providing a minimum of medium coats only has been applied. Do your art tape outs, spray, and remove tape as soon as possible to reduce tape marks and adhesive tracks.

SG-100 Intercoat Clear may be used to blend SHIMRIN® Pearl and Metallic Base Coats, to mix Pearl and Kandy Koncentrates, Dry Flakes, and Pearls to cut the SHIMRIN® Base for touch-ups and blends.


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Tech Info RU Reducers


Urethane Reducers can be used to reduce all Kosmic System products: Kandys, Clears, and all Shimrin.

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