Auto Color Library

Auto Color Library, where yesterday's colors come alive today.

Guide for choosing your exact paint color at AutoColorLibrary.

Step 1. Select Vehicle Make on the Homepage.

Step 2. Select Vehicle Year from the drop down on the Year page. This sends you to the Chips page.

Step 3. Click the Paint Chip page that you want to enlarge and view on the Chips page.

Step 4. Locate the color, then type the Color Name in the 1st text box exactly as it appears below the chip.

Step 5. Type the Color Chip Formula # in the 2nd text box (usually located immediately below the color chip).

Step 6. Type the Auto Manufacturer Paint Code into the 3rd Text Box (usually located left of the color chip). NOTE: See screenshot below.

Step 7. Select the Type of Paint that you want (Basecoat, Enamel, Lacquer, etc.).

Step 8. Click the Update Button then enter a Quantity of the container size you want.

Step 9. Choose your Supporting Products such as Reducer and Clear by entering a Quantity in the Qty box.

How to enter the chip data

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