Part# UPO 2001
U-POL System 20 Fish Eye Eliminator (Anti-Silicone Additive) 250ML bottle

U-POL Fish Eye Eliminator is for use in automotive and industrial urethanes to improve leveling and eliminate fisheyes and crater formation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Produces perfect finish in extremely difficult application conditions.
  • Improves leveling and eliminates silicone disruptions to paint surface.
  • For best results, mix 1 reservoir per quart (liter) of clear or topcoat, add hardener and reducer where required, mix thoroughly and leave to condition for 10 minutes.
  • Do not exceed recommended levels of addition. Do not use in primer systems.
  • For Professional Use Only. Read full instructions before use. Danger! Flammable.

Common Causes Of "Fish Eyes"

1. Oil, wax, grease or silicone contamination.
2. Contaminated air lines.
3. Polishes, aerosol spray that contain silicone (some interior cleaner
4. Contamination by overspray of an incompatible paint system.

Fish Eye Prevention - Thoroughly degrease surface with good quality wax/grease remover e.g. UP2002, UP2012, UP2021, UP2022 and UP2023. Add U-POL Fish Eye Eliminator to top coat. Regular maintenance of air supply/equipment.