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Live Help & Technical Support
Monday - Friday 6:30am to 5:00pm PST
Saturday - Sunday 7am to 4pm PST (Internet sales and orders only)

  • (858) 909-2110 - Internet Sales, Orders, Technical & Product Information
  • (858) 909-2188 - Custom Shop Support Line
  • (858) 909-2151 - Para asistencía en Español
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Airbrush Tools

Set of 25 Eyedroppers

Graduated Liquid Transfer Pipettes

Set of 25 Eyedroppers, Graduated Liquid Transfer Pipettes, MAS ED-25
Droppers are just the right size for putting small quantities of paint into your airbrush's paint cup.

25 Premium quality graduated transfer eyedropper pipettes that can be used for transferring or mixing just about any liquid. Inexpensive, disposable plastic eyedroppers that will take all but the strongest solvents.

Graduations at 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 ml

Ideal for Transfering or Mixing:

  • Auto Paints and Dyes
  • Hobby and Craft Paints
  • Science and Lab Work
  • Essential Oils, Aromas, Perfumes, Candle Colors

Sets of 25, only $4.98 

Sets of 100, only $9.98 

ALMIGHTY CLIPS Project Holder and Airbrush Spray Stand

Includes 6 Clips with Adjustable Flexible Rods and a Magnetic Base Part# ABD TH-400

ALMIGHTY CLIPSProject Holder and Airbrush Spray Stand
Allows you to keep your hands free and clean while airbrushing or hand painting your projects!

Use for quicker, easier, repeatable, professional work!

Each clip is removable and repositionable

Ideal for use in a hobby spray booth

This Item is Temporarily Unavailable

Battery Powered Paint and Liquid Mixer

ABD TM-121

Battery Powered Paint and Liquid Mixer, ABD TM-121

This Hand Held Battery Powered Paint Mixer thoroughly mixes all types of Paints and Liquids Quickly.

It thoroughly blends the paint material, as it evenly disperses pigments, flakes and pearls within the paint material to assure consistent viscosity of paint from top of the bottle to the bottom. This mixer works with all forms of coatings, and is commonly used to mix water based and solvent based airbrush coatings such as Createx, Auto-Air Colors, House of Kolor, and Custom Shop. It's very handy for mixing Art and Graphic Coatings in small containers! (Requires 2 AA Batteries, not included.)

Only $8.95 

X-Acto Knives and Blades

X-Acto Knives and Blades

ELM X3201
X-Acto #1 Knife, only $2.71

ELM X211
5 pk Blades for #1 Knife, only $2.07

ELM X811
100 pk Blades for #1 Knife, only $27.19

ELM X511
500 pk Blades for #1 Knife, only $126.39

ELM X3628
Gripster Knife, only $4.31

ELM X3241
Craft Swivel Knife (360° rotate) , only $7.19

ELM X245
Swivel Knife Blades, only $2.63

ELM X3724
X2000 Supergrip Knife, only $5.59

DAHLE Vantage Cutting Mat

Cutting Mat, 12" x 18", Clear

MPH DH10681

DAHLE Vantage Cutting Mat, Cutting Mat, 12 inches x 18 inches, (Clear), MPH DH10681

Top quality cutting mat with five layer construction for a full 3mm thickness that ensures durability and long life. Self-healing on both sides. A half inch grid pattern on the top side also contains angle cut guides, and both inch and metric scales. Available in practically clear translucent, unequaled in clarity.

only $24.95

Single Edge Razor Blades

Professional Blades and Bladed Tools

Single Edge Razor Blades

ASR 66-0380
Single Edge Razor Blades, 100, only $6.90

ASR 66-0407
Single Edge Razor Blades, 5, only $144.45

ASR 67-0898
Blade Holder, only $1.99

Our Full Line Safety Products for Home and Work

Safety First! Get your Safety Respirators, Gloves, and Safety Equipment Here

Airbrush Cleaning Pot


AirBrushDepot Airbrush Cleaning Pot, ABD TP-50

This three-in-one clean pot is convenient and portable and is meant to be used for airbrush cleaning, also as an airbrush holder, and the cap can be used as a palette and water cap. Includes 4 easy-to-change replacement filters and a Paint Syringe.

A must-have for every airbrush artist - beginner or professional.

This holder would work great with any of the dozens of airbrushes, airbrush kits or airbrush and compressor kits available right here.

Only $14.98 

Professional Iwata Table Top Airbrush Cleaning Station Pot


Professional Table Top Airbrush Cleaning Station Pot, IWA NAC201 , image 1

Provides a simple, self-contained receptacle for airbrush cleaning. It also serves as a convenient stand for holding your airbrush when not in use.

It's easy to use for cleaning your airbrush without messy overspray! Insert airbrush into the insertion port. Use cleaner in the airbrush, and trigger the airbrush to blow cleaner through the airbrush and it will be be trapped in the jar.

  • Equipped with airbrush hanger for both gravity-feed and siphon-feed airbrush.
  • 24 oz. Glass Container and a handle keeps the cleaning pot in balance.
  • Easy to clean, convenient, and portable
  • Easy to change filter. (3 filters included)
  • Comes with a 1 quart sturdy plastic container with lid that can be used for parts or simply to store the cleaning station.

A must-have for every airbrush artist - beginner or professional.

Only $26.56 

Mack Brush Airbrush & Spray Gun Cleaning Kit


Professional MACK BRUSH AIRBRUSH and SPRAY GUN Cleaning Kit keeps your spraying equipment clean and working at peak performance!

This nicely organized kit includes 25 pieces, plus a 16 oz. wash bottle.

  • 5-piece mini-brush set, 2 soft white bristle (double sided) brushes, and 1 extra long brush.
  • 13 piece micro-needle set.
  • Double sided pick
  • 2 specialized black bristle (double sided) brushes.
  • 1/4" End Brush
  • One 16-ounce polyethylene bottom feed cleaning bottle.

Mini Small Batch Mixing Sticks

Mini Small Batch Mixing Sticks

Small Batch Mix Sticks ½" x 5", (box of 100)
only $5.99

To View Our Entire Section of Mixing Paddles, Click Here

Paint Can Opener

Paint Can Opener

Metal Key Paint Can Opener (Heavy Duty)
only $0.99

Pounce Pads, Powders, Wheels & Kits

Pounce Pads

Pounce PadsReplacement Pounce Pads

Over the years, thousands of sign artists have used these Pounce Pads for trucks, windows, and small flatwork

HMC 202
Pounce Pad, 3 1/3" x 5"
only $10.95

HMC 202R
Pounce Pad, Replacement Pad for HMC 202
only $5.50

Pounce Powders

Pounce Powders

These Pounce Powders were developed exclusively for the Sign and Graphic Industry. The blended Charcoal minimizes peaking and prevents pounce stain. The blended White provides excellent visibility and hold without peaking. Blue is also available for those times when white or charcoal won't do the job.

HMC 505S
16 Ounce, Pounce Powder, Charcoal
only $4.95

HMC 606S
16 Ounce, Pounce Powder, White
only $4.95

HMC 707S
16 Ounce, Pounce Powder, Blue
only $4.95

Pounce Wheels and Kits

Pounce Powders

Pounce Wheel Kit with Pad and Blue Pounce Powder, only $20.99

Pounce Wheel Kit with Pad and Charcoal Pounce Powder, only $20.99

Pounce Wheel Kit with Pad and White Pounce Powder, only $20.99

GRF EX-30606
Pounce Wheel 1/4 inch, only $7.23

We stock mixing cups in a large assortment of sizesTo View Our Entire Section of Mixing Cups, Click HereSee Our Mixing Cup Selection

Metal Easels

Folding Aluminum Easel

Aluminum Easel - ANFE-128

Lightweight and convenient, the folding Aluminum Easel features a quick clip lock and release system to allow fast and easy adjustments both horizontally and vertically. Other features include an adjustable upper canvas clip lock, a center rod lock, special supports for both small and large canvases and a brush and knife holder. For use on table top or floor, the easel opens to a maximum height of 62" and can accommodate canvases up to 34" high. It folds down to 22" long to fit neatly into the zippered nylon carrying case.

STD 12100
Folding Aluminum Easel with Case
only Unknown

Black Presentation Easel

Artist Easel - ANFE-170

The Black Presentation Easel

STD 12101
Black Presentation Easel
only Unknown

Flexible Curve

Flexible Curve

This curve will hold any shape with a minimum radius of 1". One edge has a raised lip for inking.

Flexible Curve, 18"
only $8.49


Paasche Manual Pedestal Turntable


Paasche Manual Pedestal Turntable, PAS TH-18


  • Capable of carrying parts up to 100 lbs.
  • Adjustable height 21" - 35"
  • 24" diameter top

Manual Pedestal Turntable, only $169.00

Paasche Model TL Manual Benchtop Turntable


Paasche Model TL Manual Benchtop Turntable, PAS TL-12


  • Capable of carrying parts up to 100 lbs.
  • 4" fixed height
  • 12" diameter top

Manual Benchtop Turntable, only $58.00

Stabilo Pencils

Seven Colors Available

Stabilo Pencils

The Stabilo Pencil is great for making guide lines on a sign surface. You can paint over the lines or remove them with a damp cloth. Paint will not flake or peel off when the guide marks are painted over.

STB 8040 Box of 12 Red Stabilo Pencils, only $27.46

STB 8040-EA Single Red Stabilo Pencil, only $2.63

STB 8041 Box of 12 Blue Stabilo Pencils, only $27.46

STB 8041-EA Single Blue Stabilo Pencil, only $2.63

STB 8043 Box of 12 Green Stabilo Pencils, only $27.46

STB 8043-EA Single Green Stabilo Pencil, only $2.63

STB 8044 Box of 12 Yellow Stabilo Pencils, only $27.46

STB 8044-EA Single Yellow Stabilo Pencil, only $2.63

STB 8046 Box of 12 Black Stabilo Pencils, only $27.46

STB 8046-EA Single Black Stabilo Pencil, only $2.63

STB 8052 Box of 12 White Stabilo Pencils, only $27.46

STB 8052-EA Single White Stabilo Pencil, only $2.63

STB 8054 Box of 12 Orange Stabilo Pencils, only $27.46

STB 8054-EA Single Orange Stabilo Pencil, only $2.63

STB KIT-7 Pack of Seven Stabilo Pencils, one of each color, only $16.99

Adjustable Flexibility SandersHand Sanding Tool Center

All of the BEST Brands of Sanding Block Available. Click Here

Durablock 3M

BDG 50-520, Model Pal Suction Handling Tool, only Unknown

Hobby Pal Suction Pick Up Tool

BDG 50-540

The Hobby Pal is a must for handling small items! It is recommended for handling any object that has a smooth, non-porous surface including glass, plastic, jewelry, metal, decals, stones, coated paper, coated carbaord, puzzle pieces and more. Assorted cups and tips included.

BDG 50-540, Hobby Pal Suction Pick-Up Tool, only $16.74

Just-A-Dab Applicators

BDG 50-560, BDG 50-570, BDG 50-580

A durable textured plastic stem with color controlling microfiber tip. Washable and reusable. Available in two sizes and a combo pack.

BDG 50-560, Just-A-Dab Fine Applicators, 12 pack, only $2.25

BDG 50-570, Just-A-Dab Standard Applicators, 12 pack, only $2.25

BDG 50-580, Just-A-Dab Combo Pack, 18 Applicators, only Unknown

Spot Touch-Up Prep Pen

BDG 127, BDG 127R

A concentrated density fiberglass bristle pen, perfect for "sanding" and smoothing small spots prior to touching them up. Can be used to remove rust, dirt and corrosion from project surfaces prior to finishing. Fiberglass bristles extend & retract like a mechanical pencil tip. Refill available.

BDG 127R, Spot Touch Up Prep Pen Refill, only $11.65

Regdab Airbrush Lubricant

BDG 122

Regdab Airbrush Lubricant
Enhances smooth trigger action and eliminates friction due to dry paint build up.

BDG 122
Regdab Airbrush Lubricant, only $5.13

Gerson Tack ClothsView All Automotive and General Use Tack Cloths for a Perfect, Dust-Free Finish

Color Wheels

Color Wheels

MPH CW3501
5 1/8" Pocket Color Wheel, only $3.69

MPH CW3451
9 1/4" Color Wheel, only $6.29

DEVILBISS Spray Gun Solvent Squeeze Bottle

Solvent Squeeze Bottle

Spray Gun Cleaning Solvent Squeeze Bottle
only $7.24

Pro Needle

Needle Tool
Primarily used to cut heavy clay strips, designs and holes, this tool is also useful for many other art media. It is 6-5/8" long and has a sharp steel needle that is firmly set in a textured aluminum handle providing a firm grip for wet hands.

Needle Tool, Blister Pack, only $2.99

Spatter Brush

Spatter Brush
Now you can spatter with no mess. This brush can give you a fine spray or cool blobs of paint on your favorite project. Simply point the bar toward the area you are spattering. The paint won’t go anywhere else but on your project.

Spatter Brush, only $4.49

Scratch Wire Brush

Scratch Wire Brush
This tool features bent bristles to allow you to make multiple fine lines with one stroke, which are difficult to achieve with a single point tool. Measures 5-1/2".

Scratch Wire Brush, only $2.99

Paasche Airbrush Wrench

PAS V-62

Paasche Airbrush Wrench

PAS V-62
Airbrush Wrench, only $2.65

Cutaway Handle for T-Shirt Artists


Cutaway Handle for T-Shirt Artists
Allows the user to quickly pull back on the needle locknut which clears any clogged paint that might be in the tip.

Cutaway Handle for T-Shirt Artists, only $6.50

Plastic Paint Bottles

(PETE Solvent Resistant Plastic Paint Bottles - Sold with Plastic Spout Top)

Plastic Paint Bottles

1 oz. Plastic Bottle with Spout Top
only $0.79

2 oz. Plastic Bottle with Spout Top
only $0.89

4 oz. Plastic Bottle with Spout Top
only $0.99

6 oz. Plastic Bottle with Spout Top
only $1.29

8 oz. Plastic Bottle with Spout Top
only $1.59

12 oz. Plastic Bottle with Spout Top
only $1.79

16 oz. Plastic Bottle with Spout Top
only $1.99

Badger Airbrush Co.

BDG 135B - Spray Booth

No more paint overspray or odors. Badger's new Hobby Spray Booth, with its updated features, is a far better value. It's what you have come to expect from Badger products! New expanded design includes sturdy metal body and replaceable air filter. It's easy to clean and has a 165 cfm motor with a 4" output adaptor. Dimensions are 17 1/2" wide, 14 1/2" tall and 9" deep

Only Unknown 

View All Spray Booths

20 Series
Squirrel Hair SWORD Stripers

America's NO. 1 Selling Striper

MACK airbrush 20 Series Squirrel Hair SWORD Stripers
  • The sword style is best for all around work
  • Lacquer & Enamel Resistant
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 7 sizes: # 00 through # 5
  • Great touch-up brush

MAC 20-00E
Size 00, head width 7/32" (5.55mm)
only $8.74

MAC 20-0E
Size 0, head width 1/4" (6.35mm)
only $9.24

MAC 20-1E
MAC 20-1E - Size 1, head width 5/16" (7.93mm)  only $10.12

MAC 20-2E
Size 2, head width 13/32" (10.31mm)
only $11.00

MAC 20-3E
Size 3, head width 1/2" (12.70mm)
only $11.88

MAC 20-4E
Size 4, head width 9/16" (14.28mm)
only $12.76

MAC 20-5E
Size 5, head width 5/8" (15.8MM)
only $23.32

Paper Palette Pad

Paper Palette Pad

Convenient, disposable poly-coated paper palettes. Forty sheets per tape-bound pad.

MPH SM365-9
Paper Palette Pad, 40 sheets, 9" x 12"
only $5.95

Airbrush Glove

BDG 135B - Spray Booth

Badger Gloves

Wear while airbrushing to prevent fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome. Available in Medium and Large sizes for either hand.

Right-Hand Medium Glove, only $16.60

Left-Hand Medium Glove, only Unknown

Right-Hand Large Glove, only $16.60

Left-Hand Large Glove, only Unknown

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