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Live Help & Technical Support
Monday - Friday 6:30am to 5:00pm PST
Saturday - Sunday 7am to 4pm PST (Internet sales and orders only)

  • (858) 909-2110 - Internet Sales, Orders, Technical & Product Information
  • (858) 909-2188 - Custom Shop Support Line
  • (858) 909-2151 - Para asistencía en Español
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A True Instructional DVD

Body & Paint
Bare Metal to Clearcoat

In this Excellent Tutorial DVD, Custom Painter Ed Hubbs, Owner of Full Blown Customs, will take you through stripping existing paint off your vehicle, metal finishing, applying body filler, spraying primer, the correct application of basecoat paint and clear coat. All of this and more using Custom Shop Products.

Features Full Demonstrations on the following Topics:
DVD Cover
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  • Stripping off Old Paint
  • Vehicle Disassembly
  • Bare Metal Prep
  • Metal Repair and Welding
  • Applying Body Filler
  • Block and Finish Sanding
  • Proper Masking Techniques
  • Paint Mixing
  • Spraying Primer and Sealer
  • Correct Application of Basecoat and Clearcoat
  • And Much More!

Approximate DVD Running Time: 1 Hour - BUY IT NOW FOR ONLY $24.95   Price/Buy

All of the Custom Shop Products demonstrated in this DVD are available
right here at

NEW! Old School Flames Made EZ

Old School Flames Made EZCustom painter Ed Hubbs of Full Blown Customs walks you through the entire process of painting old school flames from design to taping and masking to painting. Along the way, Hubbs will show you the tips and tricks to make the process fun and easy.

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How to Paint Your Ride with Hot Rod Flatz

How to Paint your Ride with Hot Rod FlatzHow to paint your Ride with Hot Rod Flatz by Full Blown Custom & Custom Shop with Ed Hubbs is a short educational DVD. This DVD is for the amateur and professional alike, it gives you the perfect breakdown on the HOT ROD FLATZ Paint materials and process. Ed Hubbs really knows what he is doing and knows how to tell you what to do.

This DVD covers:

  • Surface prep
  • Taping
  • Mix Ratios
  • Hardeners
  • Reducer Temperature
  • Spraying

  • DVD Only  Price/Buy
    DVD with Hot Rod Flatz Color Chart  Price/Buy

    Complete Body to Chassis Restoration Assembly

    Complete Body to Chassis Restoration AssemblyThe companion to "Huntington Beach Bodyworks '56 Metal to Paint," this two-DVD set picks up where the other left off and shows the final assembly process of the restored 1956 Chevy BelAir. Rich Evans works together with DANCHUK to restore his own personal car for his museum.

    This DVD covers How to Use and Assemble:
    • Body to Chassis
    • Doors, Door Handles and Locks
    • Bumpers and Guards
    • Molding, Lights and Fender Panels
    • Hood and Trunk
    • Grille and Valence
    • And Much More
    Price / Buy DVD

    Skull Candy

    Skull CandyRich Evans guides you through a custom motorcycle paint job featuring "candy coated" skulls in this two-DVD set.

    This DVD covers everything from original artwork concept and disassembly through masking, shading, interclear art, candy, clearcoat, color sanding and assembly. Topics also includ tig welding, bondo shaping, pre-cleano and tack cloth use, freehand stencilling and airbrushing, and erasing and etching techniques.

    Price / Buy DVD

    Painting with Flake

    Painting with FlakeRich Evans guides you through painting with Custom Shop flake as he completes a commission motorcycle for the late Johnny Chop. This bike became a memorial tribute for Johnny Chop when he died suddenly in March, 2006.

    Topics include:

    • Removing imperfections
    • Applying and shaping filler
    • Wet and dry sanding
    • Guide Coat
    • Base Color
    • Applying Flake
    • Portrait Painting
    • Gold Leafing
    • Applying Inter-Clear/Clear
    • Tank Stand
    • Tig Welding
    • Scribing
    Price / Buy DVD

    Tribal Flames

    Tribal FlamesRich Evans shows you how to master three-dimensional stylized tribal flames as he demonstrates a custom paint job.

    Topics include:

    • Car disassembly /organization
    • Customizing the license plate cover
    • Prepping the car
    • Base Color Touch-Ups
    • Tracing and Pouncing the Pattern
    • Masking
    • Base Sealer
    • 3-Stage Pearl
    • Shadows and Highlights "Light Source"
    • Painting in Jams
    • Panel Alignment
    • Clearcoat
    • Leveling Graphics by Wet Sanding
    • And more...
    Price / Buy DVD

    NEW! Live Fire Stencils and How-To DVD

    Live Fire Flame Kicks Live Fire Flame Whips Live Fire Ember Flash Stencil Live Fire Burning Skull Stencil DVD has more than an hour of great instruction

    For the HOTTEST flames in the COOLEST colors
    Live Fire heats things up like never before!

    Click for More Info

    CustomShop and Huntington Beach Bodyworks are working together to bring you the best in automotive customizing.

    Custom Shop Presents
    The "Huntington Beach Bodyworks"
    Instructional DVD Series

    These How-To DVD's feature
    Rich Evans and Terry Stephens

    Their unique style of graphics, can be seen on the Speed Channel Series "Chop, Cut & Rebuild"

    Large Scale Tribal and Skull DVD

    CustomShop presents a new instructional DVD from the first series of 5 DVD's by Huntington Beach Bodyworks featuring Rich Evans and Terry Stephens.

    See Terry Stephens's original skull and tribal flame design work as he's teamed with Rich Evans's art vision!

    This DVD will give you a full break down on:

    • Back Masking
    • Paint Making
    • Base Color Design Spraying
    • Masking Segments with in the Design
    • Tacking
    • Intercoat Clear
    • Airbrushing Metallics
    • Pouncing Skull
    • Air Brushing Oversize Skull
    • Vinyl Spray Masking
    • Candy Colors
    • Drop Shadowing
    • Clear Coat
    • Approximate Running Time is 60 Minutes

    Part# KUS HB-DVD1


    Tribal Airbrushing & Engraving
    Techniques (2 Disc DVD Set)

    This unique 2 disc DVD set runs for 2 hours and 45 minutes and demonstrates all of the How To Techniques you'll need for tribal airbrushing and engraving!

    Watch as a motorcycle gets a complete custom paint job.

    The second DVD disc demonstrates a complete repaint of the bike showing off different styling effects.

    Rich Evans and Terry Stephens at Huntington Beach Bodyworks have done it again!

    These DVD's feature some of the most amazing airbrushing techniques, and the full break down on:
    • Cutting Templates
    • Positioning of Template
    • Fine Line Design Taping
    • Pouncing Mirror Image
    • Back Masking
    • Airbrushing Tribal Blades
    • Engraving Effects
    • Transferred Paper Stencils
    • Freehand Airbrushing & Erasing Techniques
    • Cling Wrap Texturing
    • Paint Candy
    • Clear Coating
    • Color Sanding & Buffing
    • Approximate Running Time is 2 Hour and 45 Minutes
    Part# KUS HB-DVD2 Price/Buy

    911 Paint and Body DVD:
    Von Dutch Motorcycle Custom Built within
    96 Hours. Learn the tricks for Custom Modifications such as molding, shaping parts, and more!

    See a complete custom bike built for the 2005
    Sema Show in 96 hours on this exciting DVD.

    Who does the world's most famous bike builders (Von Dutch) turn to when they need a custom bike built in 96 hours? Rich Evans and Huntington Beach Bodyworks.

    CustomShop presents a new instructional DVD from the first series of 5 DVD's by Huntington Beach Bodyworks featuring Rich Evans and Terry Stephens.

    DVD demonstrates these techniques:
    • Prepping Metal
    • Finish Welds, Dressing Welds
    • Modifications
    • Systematic Bondo Sculpturing
    • Masking Tape Guide for Sculpturing
    • Applying Filler and Sanding
    • Fixing Pinholes and Imperfections
    • Sealing
    • Crunch Time Priming
    • Tacking and Pre-Cleano
    • Basecoat
    • Crunch Time Clearcoat
    • Approximate Running Time is 50 Minutes
    Part# KUS HB-DVD3


    Custom Boat Painting and Graphics DVD

    Nobody does it better than Rich Evans!

    In this unique video Rich takes you through his complete job showing you all of the tricks it takes to paint a complete Custom Boat.

    The masking and painting techniques alone are worth the money but in this video you will get insight on all the steps to do it right!

    This DVD will give you a full break down on:
    • Prepping Surface
    • Repairing Cracks & Defects
    • Masking & Taping
    • Sealing & Priming
    • Guide Coating
    • Block Sanding
    • Base Coating
    • Graphic Layout
    • Fine Line Taping
    • Pouncing Design
    • Back Masking
    • Color Sequence
    • Demasking
    • Touch Ups
    • Tack & Pre-Cleano
    • Clear Coat
    • Color Sanding & Buffing
    • Approx. Running Time: 90 Minutes
    Part# KUS HB-DVD5 Price/Buy

    Huntington Beach Bodyworks 5 DVD Set

            Beach Bodyworks 5 DVD Set

    This First 5 DVD series is complete and available to you!

    The Custom Shop, Rich Evans and his Huntington Beach Bodyworks crew including Terry Stephens, Johnny Sotelo, Jake and Pops have created the best and most informative DVD's on the market today!

    Not to worry if you are working strictly on 18 Wheelers, 56 chevy's or Boats....All of these techniques can be used on any job out there. These DVD's are jam packed with all of the "Tricks of the Trade" information and they do not cut corners.

    DVD's are from 50 Minutes to more than 2 Hours and 45 Minutes long. That's nearly 10 hours of knowledgable information brought to you in this awesome 5 DVD Video Kit.

    Price / Buy

    New! Huntington Beach Bodyworks Skull King

    Skull King DVDThe Ultimate Airbrush 5-DVD Training Set Featuring the world's most Photographed Truck. "Skull King" with airbrush artist Terry Stephens and Painter/Owner Rich Evans.

    This DVD covers prepping, sealing, priming, block sanding, base coat, concept rendering, design sizing, image transfer, precleano & tack cloth use, bone/muscle texture, shadow rendering, creating light source, chrome effects, erasing techniques, masking and freehand techniques, stipple texturing, freehand skull stenciling, character creations, grayscale rendering, clear coat, and installation.

    Videographed by Jake Chacon, this DVD is 335 minutes. That's more than 5 1/2 hours of information and instruction.

    Click for More Info

    Coming Soon:

    Huntington Beach Bodyworks Stencils

    To See Huntington Beach Bodyworks
    Airbrush Stencils, Click Here